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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography – Business Transaction Or Affair of the Heart?

Is Wedding Photography a Business Transaction Or Affair of the Heart? , it all totally depends on the type of photographer that you will choose. If you will hire a photographer that is passionate about his work, we ensure you that the photography on your big day will be the Affair of the Heart for him and not the business transaction. We suggest that you don’t make an emotional or quick decision rather you must research well to choose the best photographer in the town.

How can someone choose the best photographer?

After doing some research, it is concluded that many people become so emotional when they have to hire a photographer at their wedding or they choose the photographer because they are cheaper. In our opinion, both of these things are wrong.

  1. One must not make an emotional decision when hiring a photographer. Proper research should be conducted and the reviews about that particular photographer must be taken into account before making a commitment.
  2. Don’t make a decision on cost estimation. Always focus on the quality because it totally depends on your photographer, how well he will capture your event.

Why you should choose us?

Our Wedding Photography Packages are well crafted.

If we think about the title, for us wedding photography is an affair of the Heart but not the business transaction. We do our best to make our customers satisfied. we work on several strategies that help enhance our wedding photography packages. Therefore, we also think about, how people can book us without fear. We don’t claim to offer you the best photography at the minimum rates.

Our work speaks for itself. although, we have to pay for the beautiful album and also for other products used in photography. We can only claim, we have no reason to want to make more money from one client. We invite you to check our services, affordable wedding packages, and the quality of work we offer.

Do we have to pay this much for wedding Photography?

If you think you are paying a lot to the Wedding Photography company, You should take into account the amount of work that goes into wedding photography, Also don’t compare wedding photography to studio portrait photography. Portrait photographers have all their work staged which is a different story to what we do. Whatever the trials, we do our best to capture the event in the best possible way.

We don’t only focus on the bride but we capture all the guests at the wedding. We guarantee maximum satisfaction with our work because we are used to shooting different types of weddings. We always exceed your expectations. We work perfectly for long hours as a team, We make our responsibilities and what to expect from us clear beforehand. As professional Wedding Photographers, we love what we do and we are passion-driven.

As wedding photographers in Pretoria, we appreciate your support.

  • As wedding photographers Pretoria we capture your event in the best possible way, we also like to build a positive relationship with you. So that it will become easy for us to guide you on how your Photos can become more stunning. Do you have your own ideas that you would like us to consider? Do you want to get more than your expectations on your wedding day? We promise you, we are capable of capturing the best ever moments of your life, we will present you with special skills and expertise on your wedding day.
  • Normally, Wedding photographers work with you for the whole day; It is important to build mutual trust and a good relationship with not just us but all the service providers. You must understand why we want to capture enough photos at your wedding. Through your stressful wedding planning efforts, and spending a lot on almost everything, we always want to make sure that your special day goes just the way you planned it. With all the efforts we make to capture the most beautiful moments as they happen, we always appreciate your feedback in the form of reviews.

We must capture the special moments

We know when to capture the bride and groom and when to capture guests at the wedding ceremony.

it is our responsibility to capture all the moments and not to miss any. For example, the signing of the register, the exchange of vows, and kissing are the most important moments couples will have in their entire lives. we are fully aware that these moments should not be missed at all, and also that they only happen once and never come back, it is our duty as professionals to make sure that these moments are captured.

During the wedding ceremony, most of the attention is on the bridal couple., Friends and family members will only be captured during the reaction shots

As professional photographers with enough skills to judge which moment is important and when to focus on the guests, we are always ready even for the unplanned actions.

We will never forget to capture dad’s moments

We love to capture the special expressions of the people on this special day including expressions and the poses of the bride and groom also. These expressions include the father and daughter moment. for example, When the father gives away his daughter or looks at his daughter on her wedding ceremony sometimes with a teardrop, these are the special moments not to be missed, Similarly, when the father hugs his daughter on her special day, these are great moments indeed. We believe everyone who will look at these moments will be inspired because in this situation you can see love and joy from the faces of the parents

Mum’s moments are also so precious

mothers play a big role in planning the wedding, This on its own shows how much she loves her daughter. All the help in shopping for the wedding and even in getting ready on her special day. Sometimes mothers become more emotional about the whole wedding. They always want the best for their children. Mothers get curious about the expressions of their son-in law’s expressions when he sees his bride for the first time. All these moments of happiness of the mother are also important to capture and they must not be missed.


We trust that all this information shows you that for us photography is the Affair of the Heart and we love to capture all your lovely moments. We hope that this information will be more helpful to help you plan for your big day. Should you book your photographer using your emotions or going after the price, this information we gave will not have served a purpose. The main trick is to focus on the quality of work and the rest can be discussed.

If you like our work but your budget says otherwise, we invite you to have a chat with us and come up with a better resolution without compromising the quality of photos.

Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us to help you save money while getting the most out of photography.


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