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What to consider when hiring a wedding videographer?

Your wedding videographer might come with different qualities. Wedding videographers might specialize in certain fields and with that said you should look at the important aspects into what they have to offer. Below is a list of important details you should expect from your wedding videographer.


When hiring a wedding videographer, the experience they possess speaks volumes. An experienced wedding videographer should be doing at least 35 to 50 weddings a year, sometimes more. If your videographer has over 50 weddings annually, I wouldn’t be worried because that means they have experience in shooting different weddings. The more weddings they have shot the better.

You might be wondering why experience is so important. It is important because it shows you the level of professionalism your chosen videographer possesses.

Does your wedding videographer use mirrorless cameras?

The answer should always be yes!

Another important factor that is always ignored! The gear…  For example, shooting with mirrorless 4k cameras is very important and might be difficult for those who are not used to the latest technology. Unless you are not fussy about the video quality you might as well have a shaky out of focus video.

If you are paying a lot of money for your wedding videographer, it is important to check and see if they are using mirrorless cameras, normally Fujifilm. There is a lot of gear that videographers use, but many videographers still use the normal HD video cameras and handheld camcorders. These types of cameras are the average cameras that don’t offer you cinematic look, like what the mirrorless can give you.


The video can never be pleasant to watch with bad audio. The audio and video go hand in hand. Never be afraid to ask your videographer how they record the audio during the ceremony and reception, most importantly if you are getting married in a church. If the audio recorder is not good enough you might not get the best as there are echoes. Or if you are having a garden wedding the bad audio might capture the wind and the noise around.

Just make sure they have the lapel microphone attached to the groom’s suit or in the podium. The sound should be good from every angle including for the people that are chosen to talk and your singers if available.

Recording audio at the reception.

The reception might be noisy because the radio might be too loud, guests ululate and talk, etc. Talk to your videographer and be sure they have the right audio recorders / or recording devices that have the capabilities of getting sound straight from the DJ.  Your wedding videographer must also be able to capture the reaction from the guests. This includes both good video and good audio.


Wedding Pix is considered to be one of the best videographers in Gauteng and beyond. We have over 12 years of industry experience and our clients include people from all walks of life. At wedding Pix, we are a team of professionals who are motivated and passionate about our work, we use state-of-the-art improved gears including mirrorless cameras, High-end audio recorders, and the best LED lights for your video viewing experience.

Our focus is to exceed the expectations of our clients every time, we are very relaxed and we take our work seriously. We invite you to pop into our studios to discuss your needs. We will always guarantee the best service, quality, and speedy delivery time.

Andile’s wedding at the Zunguness wedding venue in PMB. South Africa. The beautiful wedding just before the lockdown.

Andile and Zilungile wedding

Makiti wedding venue is one of the most premium wedding venues, Izel and Shannon’s choice of venue was a great one of the finest weddings for the year. Very well planned and so much fun.

Izel and Shanon's wedding

Very thoughtful, a humbled couple at their Beautiful and unforgettable wedding at the Bamboo wedding venue, Pretoria. Many Thanks for choosing Wedding Pix.

Carl and Natasha Wedding

Lungi and Buki had their intimate white wedding at Oakfield farm in Johannesburg. Very beautiful, and colorful wedding with a touch of Nigerian tradition.

Lungelo and Buki Wedding

We are happy to share this beautiful Zambian wedding that took place at the bridge wedding venue in Gauteng. We are so thrilled to have been part of the day.

Ansel and Nomsa Wedding

This was a traditional wedding for a young couple and they happen to be our close friends. Their Wedding took place in the north of Johannesburg. We couldn’t have been anywhere else.

Vimeo Video

This was a lovely modern wedding just after the border of Gauteng to Northwest, At the beautiful red ivory wedding venue overlooking the mountains and the river.

Justice and Lucia Wedding

In this video we showcase the drone shots for selected venues across the country to give you a better idea of what aerial view will look like on your special day.

Drone coverage showreel
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