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Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Wedding photography and videography are one of the most important reminders you can use as a tool of encouragement hope and inspiration to your children.

Having a professional wedding photographer and videographer at your wedding is your ultimate goal of preserving your memories for you, your friends, and your family from generation to generation. Weddingpix serves as a platform that will provide you the best quality service for all your needs at reasonable rates.


wedding packages

Now that you are planning to say “I do” in the presence of your loved ones. Hiring a Photographer will help you and your spouse relive every moment for your big day.

Don’t let the joy, excitement of you and loved ones be lost after the day. Hire a professional videographer to capture the emotion and serve you as a reminder of your day for decades to come.

Photo booth

Loads of photo memories for your guests who will love to mingle and have fun in one of our photobooths. With unlimited prints and many prop options to choose from. We offer you stylish state of the art and kids friendly booth for your enjoyment.

You have spent a fortune on your beautiful venue. Did you know how it looks like from the top? We have you covered with drone coverage service that affords you the opportunity to see the view, the beauty of your venue

Steps to making your booking easy with Wedding pix

Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer capture all the details including the preparations , decor , laughter and tears for the day

  • Step 1: Wedding consultation
  • Step 2:Contract and booking
  • Step 3: Visiting your venue
  • Step 4: Meeting with other suppliers to finalize

Lock-down Specials

Take advantage of the lock-down photography and videography 10% off special. With the flexibility of changing your wedding date free of charge, should your event be affected by the lock-down restrictions.

Professional Photographer and Videographer in Pretoria Gauteng

Lock-down Platinum Photography special 10 % Off

December 1, 2020

12 hours of photography
Two Professional Wedding Photographers
Website / Online Invitation
Video Invitation
From 900 to 1000 High-resolution photos for the day (Can be more)
Engagement Photo Session – 1 Hour Indoor / outdoor Photoshoot
Pre-Event Planning meeting. Bride and Groom at our offices
No traveling fees for weddings in Gauteng

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Lock-down Platinum Videography special 10 % Off

December 1, 2020

Twelve hours videography
Two Professional Wedding videographers
Drone Coverage
Video invitation
Fully Edited Video
5 to 10 minutes Edited Wedding Video Highlights
Pre-Event Planning meeting. Bride and Groom at our offices
No traveling fees for weddings in Gauteng

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