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Photography Portfolio

Going through a photography portfolio can be overwhelming these days. This is because there are a lot of wedding photographers and each photographer has their own individual style, approach, and signature.
Although most wedding photography styles can be predictable such as the traditional approach, which includes formal photos for the couple and the family. The best way to choose the right wedding photographer is thoroughly going through their portfolios until the search is complete.

Below are the tips to pay close attention to when browsing a wedding photography portfolio.

The feel.
While browsing the photography portfolio you must be able to connect and feel the emotion for the day. Make sure the photos wow you before you make any solid decisions.

The Format.
The format or style can vary per photographer and what you want as a client. Most photographers use the normal traditional style and incorporate their style, and it also gives you as a client to add your own preferred styles or approach which will basically include:

  • Bridal and groom preparations
  • Décor, ceremony and reception preparations
  • Bride walking down the aisle.
  • Exchange of vows, rings, and kissing.
  • The first dance, cutting of the cake and throwing the bouquet.

As you browse through the ideas and going through different photography portfolios from your chosen photographer you will also get a chance to voice your likes and dislikes.

The details.
Photography details play an important part of the day because the couple might miss some of the details like the rings, shoes, décor, dress, and bouquet. Having the details will also allow you to appreciate the expenditure and will always bring joy and vivid memories once looked at.

We trust you understand that we are not able to show you all styles, approaches, and portfolios online. We, therefore, invite you to visit our studios to see more of our albums, canvasses, and more photographs to help you make a sound decision.

Our Albums.

Below we show you how our albums look like.
The albums make up your chosen wedding package, they are made from high-quality prints and they are the best you can find in the industry.
We like you to feel special and appreciated, our albums include the friends’ book, parents’ album and the couple’s album.

  • 50x40 Wedding Album


    This is one of the biggest albums we offer. it is quite heavy but a great investment for your special day. With this album you can rest assured it will last for decades.

  • Photobook 40 x 30


    This is our most popular transparent cover wedding album. The pages are of the highest quality and super thick. Not easy to get some finger prints and if this happens you just need to wipe them off.

  • 30x30 Wedding book


    This is the Photo book and its quite light. We would recommend that you get this one for your friends, Close family or parents.

  • 30x30 Wedding Album


    This is one comes with one of our packages and you can also order this one as an additional parents album.

  • Wedding Albums and Books Collection


    These are all the wedding books and albums we recommend. You can either select the one you want or spoil your self by having them all.

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