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Top 10 Wedding Photography

Top 10 Wedding Photography Myths

Top 10 Wedding Photography myths do rounds when you planning a wedding. On each and every wedding, you might be confused either to hire a photographer who falls under the top 10 wedding photography category or not. If you are having a traditional wedding and you decided on a professional photographer, the pricing might confuse you as to what to do next.

You are always conscious to select the professional photographer because you are always in search of Top 10 photography styles and professionals. You need a photographer that can take amazing pictures and has the capability to capture the entire event in the best possible way. They may be a chance you have some kind of knowledge because you are a photographer yourself. In such situations don’t let the pressure of family members involved in the planning be destructive.

Top 10 wedding photography myths to avoid.

Either you are planning a traditional wedding or destination wedding, there are a lot of myths you wish people must stop believing some of them are:

  • It is appropriate to arrange when all the entire arrangements have been done.
  • There is no need to meet every photographer before the booking.

Such types of assumptions of people are absolutely wrong and every photographer wishes people shouldn’t believe in such.

Here we are going to discuss the more about the top 10 wedding photography myths. We have divided them into different subcategories which are as follows.


We don’t need to hire a professional photographer for taking wedding pictures


How you can select the professional photographer if necessary


How the best photographers can enhance wedding colors

About myth#1


  1. Isn’t cousin’s DSLR Camera enough?

Most often you think that your cousin has just bought a new camera with the best photography lenses, so why do you need to hire professionals and spend money on photography?

Just imagine your cousin is too busy and is not taking the pictures of you when you are in your bridal costume.? Will you be satisfied with only a few clicks at your wedding? Of course, no! Due to these reasons hiring a professional photographer is necessary because you pay them to capture your event. And we believe professional photographers will capture your wedding in the best possible ways.

Why do I need to hire a professional photographer when every family member has a smartphone with cameras?

You believe that nowadays technology leads the way and everyone has a camera so why you need to hire a professional photographer for getting wedding favors?

Just imagine if no one brings an additional camera to capture your beautiful day event, but you can’t order every guest to take pictures of you. Although they can be a lot of guests interested to take their photos.

  1. Why should I spend a lot of money on photography?

It is so expensive to hire a professional photographer, so, why should you spend a lot of money on these so-called professionals?

The truth is you just need to go all the way out and pay them for the hours they spent on your wedding, and they will work perfectly and make sure that the wedding is as special as you want it to be. No matter how much they charge, professional photographers deserve it because they spend countless hours to take beautiful photos and planning for your wedding.

About Myth 2.

If you have a few wedding ideas, the next problem will be how to combine everything and make it one. And then choose the right photographer for your wedding.

  1. We need to arrange the photographer at the last minute.

Many people make all other arrangements first like the venue, food, and decoration and leave photography for last. All top 10 wedding photography professionals will not sit around and wait for you to make all the other arrangements and book them last. Good photographers will be long booked at that time. Let’s be practical in each city there can be multiple weddings on the same day and all the couples need the best photographer. What will you do if all the photographers are booked?

  1. Why you should believe in recommendations and different types of advertisements?

We always suggest that you take recommendations seriously. If photographers have websites or any other means of communication, go through them. This is their positive effort to make you familiar with their work even before you hire them. We suggest you must visit their websites and also check the reviews of the people about them. So, you are sure that hiring them is the best decision.

  1. Do you suggest we hire an anti-social photographer or not?

Of course, no! The photographer should not be anti-social. He should be friendly and should guide you on how you can improve your photographs. If the photographer will prefer to take the pictures of his choosing ignoring flowers and guests and decor, in our opinion, choosing that photographer can’t be an appropriate choice. Always choose the one that will focus on the bride and groom the most and try to capture all the photographs that can make your special event more special.

  1. Should a photographer be shy to show his work to the public?

Always choose the photographer that will be capable of capturing the fantastic photographs. Don’t choose the one that hesitates to show you his work. Always try to choose the one that has the ability to capture each and every design and style of the wedding dress of both groom and bride. A professional photographer will take such photos that will add more beauty to your overall event.

About myth#3

Now, the final step has come. We have finally hired the photographer; the next step about which we are worried is the quality of photographs.

  1. Are formal shots of the wedding event enough?

Many people are in favor of hiring the Top 10 Wedding Photography professionals just to take the formal shots of the event. The formal shots of the event may include the shoots of the hall and of the decoration etc. will you be satisfied if the photographer will only focus the hall and not the groom and the bride. Of course, no! You should delete this concept from your mind.

Many professional photographers use different styles to capture the entire function. We suggest you appreciate their efforts that they do to make your event memorable.

  1. What you should do after the selection of a particular photographer?

First of all, you should select your Top 10 Wedding Photography styles. After that, you must check the list of the photographs that they have selected to show their work on a permanent basis. You should choose the style that you like the most and tell the photographer about your choice. As the photographer does a lot of shoots and everyone has a different choice. So, it is preferable to inform them about which style will you like to take photos of. By seeing the photos of their ads, you will be able to know their photography standards and it will become easy for you to decide either the selection of this particular photographer is the right decision or not.

  1. Either you should do short-listing of the wedding’s photographs or not?

In our opinion, it is always preferable to shortlist the photographs. If you think that many people will not like this idea, you can also get suggestions from friends and family. rather than making the whole decision yourself.  There are no difficult rules and inappropriate rules in making the short-list of the photos. You can choose the one that you feel appropriate and better.

Try to make your wedding event as fun as you could. You can also do this task with fun by arranging a small party and ask to choose the best pictures from the hundreds of pictures. In our opinion, choosing the best picture can make the quality of the collection of pictures of your wedding.


  1. Isn’t it preferable to depend on the photographer?

No, it’s your special day and we suggest you must organize the day as you want. Don’t be so dependent on the photographers and we are not saying don’t listen to them but share with them your ideas and see how it can work out without any problems. As much as you believe in your decision always remember that a professional photographer knows more than you do.

These are the 10 most important myths of Top 10 Wedding Photography.


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